Israel Innovations Fair

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The Israel Innovations Fair brings together high-tech companies with residents in greater San Francisco Bay Area interested in the latest developments in technology, including solar, medicine, software architecture and environmental conservation. The Fair will also provide college students and recent graduates with the opportunity to share their resumes with companies and to learn more about job, internship and volunteer positions. The event will showcase the real core of Israeli society, its innovative spirit, creative energy and compassion.
The Fair includes exhibitions, interactive displays and video presentations from more than fifteen Israeli high-tech companies and institutions and environmental experts. The Fair also features award-winning start-ups Sesame Enable and Voiceitt, which developed life-transforming mobile applications for people with disabilities.

There will be speakers from a variety of leading Israeli research institutions including Ben- Gurion University and the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies. The latter boasts a diverse student population, with Palestinian, Jordanian, Bedouin and Jewish environmentalists studying side by side and learning how to build a more sustainable future for the world. One of the afternoon’s keynote speakers will be Mohammed Atwa, a Palestinian who grew up in Gaza and later made a life-transforming decision to study at the Arava Institute. As a result of his stay at this innovative graduate program where students learn about sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, and water conservation, Atwa has become a champion for Israeli-Palestinian coexistence.

Another keynote speaker will be Moshik Raccah, Co-Founder & President of the Israeli Executives & Founders Forum (a platform to network and empower Israeli Tech community in Silicon Valley), as well as Co-Founder and CEO of, a network connecting professionals through mutual assistance. Prior to Silo, Mr. Raccah served as the VP of Strategic Alliances at Amdocs, as the CEO of Winsite, an Israeli consulting company he founded and later sold to Ness, and as VP of Sales and Business Development of Microsoft in Israel.

Innovation: Africa will also participate in the Fair. This non-profit brings Israeli innovations to African villages. Founded in 2008, it has provided light, clean water, food and proper medical care to more than 700,000 people in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda, South Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Senegal.

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